About XēneCore
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Engineered in United States, XēneCore is a leading carbon composite manufacturer. We develop, manufacture and market lightweight, high strength, shock absorbent composites for use in Automotive, Aerospace, Sports / Recreation, and Marine industries.

We serve international markets through manufacturing facilities, sales offices and representatives located in the Americas and Asia.

Versatile Technology

XēneCore’s lightweight, high strength, shock absorbing properties make it ideal for almost any industry.  XēneCore’s solid filled composite technology allows structures to be made with composites that normally could not.  Without the need for air during manufacturing much more complex shapes and structures can be created within a single mold allowing the imagination to run wild.

  • With the use of XēneCore’s innovative manufacturing process we can build composite products with more than double the tensile strength of standard carbon fiber products.
  • XēneCore’s solid filled cores add increased tensile strength to any application.
  • No need for air during the molding process means that a closed loop can be molded in to an object further enhancing strength and rigidity. No need to glue parts together.
  • Since the inner solid core is formed during the initial cure it is a permanent structure embedded in to the fibers thus creating a stronger bond, as opposed to adding a “filler” which leads to a weaker bond.
  • XēneCore has the ability to use multiple cores in a single shape adding greater structural support.
Light Weight
  • Better strength to weight ratio than any other composite on earth.
  • With XēneCore it is possible to make any object lighter with negligible effect on strength.
  • XēneCore’s solid filled composition makes it so that any object can have thinner outer layers as well as less outer layers without structural integrity loss.
  • Most objects can be created with multiple inner cores thus creating greater structural integrity without adding weight.
  • No need for air during the molding process means that a closed loop can be molded in to an object further enhancing strength and rigidity while eliminating the need to glue parts together, lowering its total weight.
Shock Absorbent
  • More cushion when you need it most.
  • XēneCore is the only composite to incorporate a shock absorbing material during the molding process.
  • With XēneCore’s solid inner core vibration and shock can be almost eliminated, improving structural integrity and longevity of the finished product.
  • XēneCore has the ability to limit vibration and shock to within its own cores reducing the amount of vibration and shock transferred to external objects (hands, seats, other objects attached to the XēneCore composite etc.) improving comfort, noise levels, and structural integrity.
  • When used in sporting equipment (softball bats, tennis racquets etc.) more energy is stored and released to the object of contact (ball, water etc.) resulting in higher energy output and less loss of energy to the users hand. The added benefit to this is less shock and vibration being absorbed by the user resulting in fatigue and injury.
Custom Manufacturing

XēneCore’s patented breakthrough technology allows it to be manufactured to fit the needs of almost any industry.  Without the need for air during the molding process XēneCore can improve the manufacturing process by eliminating part counts because parts do not have to be molded separately then later glued together. Most parts can be molded together in a single mold. Eliminating the need to glue most parts together means less time designing, engineering, and manufacturing multiple smaller parts that then need to be glued together.
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