Total Quality Control   Our Operation  
    XēneCore’s total quality control is an approach that extends beyond ordinary statistical quality control techniques and quality improvement methods. It implies a complete overview and re-evaluation of the specification of a product, rather than just considering a more limited set of changeable features within an existing product. If the original specification does not reflect the correct quality requirements, quality cannot be inspected or manufactured into the product. For instance, the design of a pressure vessel should include not only the material and dimensions, but also operating, environmental, safety, reliability and maintainability requirements, and documentation of findings about these requirements.  
  Headquartered in Manhattan, NY and having manufacturing plants located in Asia, XēneCore is more than capable of reaching your composite needs. With over 50 engineers and technicians we are able to ensure your job gets done in time and correctly. We are able to create over 150 sq. ft. of XēneCore composite hourly and have the machinery to customize it to your specific needs.  
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